Host a Jewellery Party


Would you like to Support Destiny Rescue in a fun and easy way while hanging out with family and friends?

How you ask...

Well why not have one of our Jewellery Party/Fundraising Packs and Raise funds and awareness for our core mission. While having either a Jewellery Party at home or by taking your pack to the workplace, school, church etc... there is a group you can share and sell with on behalf of our Rescued girls.

It’s simple and supports our efforts to provide safe, sustainable employment at fair wage



Plan and prepare

- Submit an online request form or contact the office on 1300 738 761 or email

- Choose a date, time, and place.

- Invite people to the event. You can create a Facebook event or hand out the printable invitations we have provided.

- Make sure people know to bring cash to your party. If needed, Online orders can be made on the day using credit or debit card.

- A few days before your event, you will receive your fundraising pack at least 3 days prior to the event, which will include jewellery, an informational DVD to show brochures, a stock list and an instructional letter/banking summary.

Host the event

- Prepare a cool jewellery display. Ideas include using corkboards and pins, funky jewllery stands, vintage frames and hooks. Be creative!
- Using the resources provided, tell your guests about Destiny Rescue.
- Be sure to share that each piece of jewlellery has been handmade by a rescued girl who is receiving a sustainable wage and a pathway to a bright future.
- Collect the cash at the event (payable to the host/hostess).

Follow up

- Use the stock list to record items sold, reconcile the payments and return banking summary to the Destiny Rescue Office.
- Deposit funds into the Destiny Rescue bank account, as detailed in the instructional letter/banking summary. (Funds deposited should match the banking summary totals).
- Send any leftover jewellery back to the Destiny Rescue Office using the return label provided in your pack.
- Remember to say thank you to your guests from us! (Feel free to let us know how it went too!)