FUNdraising made easy!

We all love getting together with family and friends and having a fun time.  Why not combine this with a great cause and help to make a real difference in the world? 

Whether you’re having a party, a family get-together, a girl’s night in or specifically organising a fundraising event, simply include a display of our beautiful, handcrafted jewellery.   It’s been made by former rescue girls; girls who had once been forced to work in the sex industry and found freedom, safe work, respect and a purpose; not only by receiving vocational training but knowing that their craft would help to fund the rescue work of Destiny Rescue. Your guests are bound to find a piece or two of jewellery they love and will feel a sense of connection to the children they are helping every time they wear it.

Our FREE Jewellery Party/Fundraising Packs make fundraising a breeze.  


  • Register your interest using our online request form or contact the office on 1300 738 761 or email  any questions you may have and she will get back to you asap.
  • Choose a date, time, place and think about who you’d like to invite.
  • Promote your event:  We can help you to create an invitation you can email or print and hand out. We’ll just need the date, time, location of your event and what type of event it is, e.g. Morning Tea, Girl’s Night In, etc.   You could also create an event on Facebook and invite specific guests or make it public for a larger fundraising event.  Please feel free to use our  Proud Supporter Logos: Vertical / Horizontal
  • Make sure your guests know to bring cash to your event. If required, online orders can be made on the day using a credit or debit card. Ask us how.
  • Ensure you get your orders in with plenty of time to spare to ensure its timely arrival. Your pack will include the jewellery, brochures, a stock list and an instructional letter/banking summary. 



Hosting your event

  • Be creative with your display and incorporate and make available the supplied Destiny Rescue Brochures
  • If you have a PC/laptop or Smart TV at your disposal, you may wish to use one of the videos below to create impact, engage and inform your guests about the work of Destiny Rescue and the impact their purchases will make.

CHILDREN   SOLD    USED  1:00 min.


  • Mention that the jewellery is handcrafted and has been made by former rescue girls.  You may also wish to mention that they can support Destiny Rescue in many other ways – refer to the brochure and our website
  • Keep track of items sold using the supplied stock list.
  • You may wish to ask if any of your guests would like to host a fundraising event of their own using our FREE Jewellery Pack. Please provide our details.
  • Please thank your guests for their support on our behalf.

 After the Event

  • Reconcile your recorded sales (using the supplied stock list) with payments and return the banking summary to Destiny Rescue.
  • Deposit the funds into the Destiny Rescue bank account as detailed in the instructional letter/banking summary.  Please ensure that the deposit matches the banking summary total.
  • Send unsold jewellery back to Destiny Rescue, using the supplied return label.
  • We would love your feedback:   What did your guests think of the jewellery? How did they react to the videos?  Do you believe that they felt a connection to the plight of trafficked and sexually exploited children?  Any other feedback that may be helpful to us.  Bree looks forward to receiving your email or call.