About Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is committed to liberating the enslaved and restoring those who have been abused. Already serving in several nations, Destiny Rescue will keep expanding to reach even more children.


Destiny Rescue is an internationally recognized Christian non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children enslaved in the sex trade. We work on virtually every continent with hundreds of employees and volunteers dedicated to our mission. Simply put, we exist to see child sexual slavery end in our lifetime. As long as sex-trafficking and child sexual exploitation exist in our world, we will continue to fight and be advocates on behalf of the enslaved and vulnerable. 

Through the years, we have literally saved over a thousand children from brothels, red light districts and abusive situations. But rescue is just the beginning of the story for the children in our care. The restoration process is the beginning of a new life for the young women we serve as they are given hope for bright, new futures. An integral part of our work is providing education, training and vocational opportunities so reintegration is successful. One of those opportunities exists in designing and making beautiful jewellery, accessories and other handcrafted items.

Your purchase helps fund the vital work of Destiny Rescue - both in providing safe, sustainable employment for the girls we rescue and by helping us continue our efforts to be a voice for the voiceless. For more information about Destiny Rescue, and to learn about other ways to support us in the fight to end child sex trafficking, please visit destinyrescue.org