Start Your Journey This Christmas

They are hidden but not forgotten. Join us on a journey to bring them into the light.

This Christmas, the exclusive Destiny Rescue Journey Bracelet lets you walk alongside our rescue children as they find freedom.

The journey begins with the beautiful sterling-silver bracelet and heart charm ($84), which symbolises the heart you and Destiny Rescue have for the many innocent children being exploited and abused in the sex trade today. Then, if you choose to continue the journey with us, a new charm will be sent to you each month from January for the next 11 months ($45 each).

Each beautiful hand-picked charm has a story for each step the children take during their journey to freedom with us.

For those of you who are curious as to what the "Whole Journey" looks like, please see below.

Every charm, each month tells a story filled with tears & laughter, sadness and triumph as our children travel from rescue, through their restoration and finally reintegration with freedom, dreams and hope for an amazing future.

* It is not compulsory to buy the "Whole Journey" we will let you know each month when a new charm is released.

SNEAK PREVIEW of hand-picked charms to collect

The Journey bracelet with the heart charm is presented in a beautiful gift box.